The Michael Stuart Webb Team

We are, first and foremost, a sales and marketing company with heart, whose sole focus is on effectively representing your best interests during the sale or purchase of your home. Buying and selling a home is, without question, a very stressful time in one’s life and represents the culmination of our life’s work to date. Your decisions about buying and selling a home will profoundly affect your finances, your family and your lifestyle. Our clients deserve that recognition and to be treated as though it was our own investment hanging in the balance.

Michael Stuart Webb Media Group

We are a media-savvy assemblage with a keen interest and commitment to facilitating brand awareness and recognition within the public sector for our partners. We are a relationship-based enterprise and as such, we specialize in establishing and maintaining relationships with defined target audiences, the media, relevant trade publications, and other opinion leaders as may be required to ensure that your brand is always front and centre.